We provide professional digital forensics investigations to clients throughout Idaho.

Idaho's Digital Forensics Investigator

Computer Forensics - Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics - Data Discovery - Cloud Data Forensics - Accounting Forensics

Computer Forensics

Boise's computer forensics experts, we provide authoritative and complete computer forensic investigations.

Professional Computer Forensics Investigation Services

Our digital forensics team provides expert analysis and critical answers for computer information related questions. We provide the following computer forensics:
Computer Use Activity
Deleted Data Recovery
Database Investigation
Data Acquisition
Electronic Document Analysis
Email Authenticity Analysis

Cell Phone Forensics

We provide complete cell phone and digital device forensic investigations throughout Idaho.

Cell Phone & Mobile Device Forensics Services

Digital devices often leave behind "invisible footprints" that can be traced and compiled into a record of events. Our mobile device forensics services include:
Call History Recovery
SMS & MMS Details
Audio & Voicemail Details
Pictures & Video Discovery
Internet Browsing History
Calendar Events & Emails
Device GPS Data
Cell Phone Mapping

Audio Video Forensics

Our video forensics include audio and video enhancement and voice identification.

Audio & Video Enhancement And Forensics Services

Audio and video recording are key evidence, however, low resolution, shaky footage, bad lighting, or poor sound track can make them indiscernible. Our audio and video forensics include:
Audio & Video Authenticity
Audio Enhancement
Video Enhancement
Voice Identification
Image Analysis & Photogrammetry

Data Discovery Forensics

Our data discovery forensics are unparalleled in the Boise area, making us the go-to investigator for data forensic cases.
Professional Data Forensics & Data E-Discovery
Whether gaining access to a deceased individual's online accounts or analyzing corporate financial records, our data forensics experts provide assistance with:
Cloud Data Discovery
Deceased Online Accounts Access
Alibi Identification & Discovery
Financial Records Analysis
Accounting Forensics
Business Valuation

Trusted Digital Forensics For Attorneys & Corporations

In partnership with Digital Forensics Corporation, the nation's leader in digital forensics, we provide professional digital forensics services to clients throughout Idaho including Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Star, Kuna, Melba, Mountain Home & McCall, & Payette. Call today for a free consultation!
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